The concept of terroir is strictly linked to the human factor. In order to try to best represent our place, we continuously work to learn from its characteristics conceiving our wines from the vineyard to the winery.

Alejandro Leirado Heinlein


Perfectionist and passionate about wine, his intention to know in detail the place that his grandfather fell in love with, prompted the search for an identity and led to a continuous improvement thanks to the consolidation of a team of great professionals and people.

Jimena López


Obsessed with details and quality, Jimena is a fundamental piece in our search and an invaluable component in the formation of this team.

Aquiles Lucchini


Born and raised in San Rafael of an Italian background, his connection with the place and his strive for its care and recognition make Aquiles a person who knows our vineyard like the palm of this hand.

One of our greatest strengths lies in the great team that we have consolidated over time. Thanks to them and our business partners it is possible that our work and our history reaches your hands.