German roots in an
Argentine soil

Funckenhausen Vineyards represents a fusion of our German and Argentine identity, whose traditions and influences provide the love and respect for the land and natural surroundings in the region.

Over several family generations we were taught to believe in:

  • Dreams: Set up vision and goals.
  • Passion: As essential for joy and wellbeing.
  • Work: A working culture to achieve what we are aiming for.
  • Family: The basis on which we rely on.
  • Moments: Enjoying our life and precious time the same way we do so when tasting a glass of wines.

What we look for in our products

The constant search for excellence and improvement, by applying the highest quality standards in the wine making process, makes our family run a leading boutique wine business in the region.

In order to "set a solid bond and build up a long term relationship with customers and those who represent us", our products have to reflect core values:

LONG TERM VISION: constantly investing in improvements and building up the brand and image of our wines.

COMMITMENT: with the community and region, promoting local development.

EXCELLENCE/QUALITY: A boutique project focused on elaborating exclusive high quality wines.

COMPETITIVENESS PRICE/QUALITY: Offering a superior quality product in its price segment.

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